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Chatbot marketing

Why Messenger Marketing?

The Open Rates average 80-90%

Chatbots boast of an average open rate of 80-90% compared to email marketing which is between 10-30%.

Easy Opt-In for Subscribers

People can become subscribers with one click, no phone and email necessarily (although you can certainly still ask for that info)

Smooth Automation

Retarget subscribers for free, send broadcasts on schedule autopilot, send follow-up sequences on auto-pilot, connect directly on their mobile device and have automated conversations about their needs.

A Massive Shift is Happening…

When the internet burst onto the scene, the masses ran to construct websites as that is where the people were engaging–on their desktop.  Soon after landing pages followed as single page, direct focus pages.  But in the last few years the masses are moving to working on their cell phones as their primary means of internet engagement.  With that knowledge, messenger marketing exploded onto the scene accessesing people where they are at–on mobile phones.

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It costs nothing to get started.  And if you want to upgrade to the Messenger PRO option, it’s only $10 per month.

Create Your First Effective Chatbot Flow

Learn How to Connect Your Chatbot to a URL

SPECIAL BONUS: Learn to Make a Restaurant Chatbot you can sell IMMEDIATELY

Catch the Wave of Chatbot Marketing!

Messenger Marketing is at the initial build up of a massive wave.  By catching the wave early, your skills become highly marketable!